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Vocaloid - Mikudayo - Nendoroid #299 (Good Smile Company)

Embrace the fun and quirky side of the Vocaloid universe with this Nendoroid #299 Mikudayo figure from Good Smile Company. This unique figure captures the playful charm of Mikudayo, a peculiar version of the iconic Vocaloid star, Hatsune Miku, who first appeared as a costumed mascot at a real-world event.

Crafted from durable, high-quality PVC, this Mikudayo Nendoroid captures her unusual and lovable appearance in excellent detail. She features her distinctive oversized head, a cheerful expression, and her characteristic simplistic outfit. Standing approximately 4 inches tall, this chibi-style figure adds a fun and eccentric touch to any collection.

The Nendoroid comes with various accessories and interchangeable parts, allowing you to customize Mikudayo's poses and expressions. You can recreate her famous head-tilt or have her perform alongside other Vocaloid Nendoroids for a fun and engaging display.

Designed with Nendoroid's famous joint system, Mikudayo can take on a variety of poses. Plus, she comes with a stand and a supportive arm part, making it easy to display her in your desired pose.

The Nendoroid #299 Mikudayo figure makes a fantastic addition to any Vocaloid fan's collection, and it's also a fun way to introduce newcomers to the charm and creativity of the Vocaloid world.

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