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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - Rice Shower (Banpresto)

Step into the lively world of "Uma Musume: Pretty Derby" with this charming Rice Shower figure. Produced by Banpresto, this piece showcases the hard-working and cheerful character, Rice Shower, in all her vibrancy and charm.

Made from durable, high-quality PVC, this figure perfectly captures Rice Shower's athletic and spirited persona. Her unique horse girl outfit is rendered with stunning detail, including her racing silks, boots, and her cheerful facial expression. This delightful portrayal embodies Rice Shower's positivity and energy, creating a wonderful display piece for any fan of the series.

Standing at around 9 inches tall, this figure presents Rice Shower in a dynamic pose, embodying her swift and graceful movement in the horse races. The attention to detail is remarkable, down to the folds of her outfit and the flow of her hair, making this figure a joy to display in any collection.

This Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - Rice Shower figure by Banpresto comes with a sturdy, matching base for easy and secure display. Whether you're an avid collector of anime figures or a fan of "Uma Musume: Pretty Derby," this figure is a fantastic addition to any collection.

Get this figure now and bring the energetic and cheerful world of "Uma Musume: Pretty Derby" into your home!

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