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Uma Musume Pretty Derby Mejiro Ryan Figure Banpresto New Authentic


The "Uma Musume Pretty Derby Mejiro Ryan Figure Banpresto New Authentic" is an appealing collectible figure for fans of the popular anime and mobile game franchise, Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a multimedia project developed by Cygames. It presents a world where horse girls, anthropomorphic versions of real-world racehorses, compete in prestigious races and also thrive in the idol scene, singing and dancing for fans. One of the notable characters in this universe is Mejiro Ryan.

Mejiro Ryan is a compelling character with a distinct personality that adds a unique flavor to the diverse cast of Uma Musume. This particular figure beautifully encapsulates her character design, allowing fans to enjoy her presence in 3D form.

Crafted by Banpresto, a manufacturer known for producing high-quality figures based on various anime and manga series, this figure showcases Mejiro Ryan in a dynamic pose, showing off her racing spirit. The figure is painted meticulously, maintaining fidelity to the character's color scheme as seen in the anime and game. Her outfit, a combination of racing gear and an idol dress, is recreated with careful attention to detail, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the figure.

The figure is officially licensed, guaranteeing its authenticity. As a new item, it should come in excellent condition, packaged securely in its original box. Its quality and authenticity make it a valuable addition to any Uma Musume Pretty Derby collection or an excellent gift for fans of the series.

Overall, the "Uma Musume Pretty Derby Mejiro Ryan Figure Banpresto New Authentic" is a delightful representation of a beloved character, bringing a piece of the thrilling world of Uma Musume Pretty Derby to the fans' homes.

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