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SAILOR MOON MOVIE GLITTER & GLAMOURS SUPER SAILOR MARS FIG A (Pre-Order estimated ship date 30 Aug 2023)


The SAILOR MOON MOVIE GLITTER & GLAMOURS SUPER SAILOR MARS FIG A is an exceptional piece of art that adds sparkle to any Sailor Moon or anime figure collection. This figure, part of the sought-after GLITTER & GLAMOURS series, highlights the fiery beauty of the Soldier of Flame and Passion, Sailor Mars, also known as Rei Hino, in her Super Sailor form.

This figure captures the iconic look of Super Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon movies, showcasing her striking, vibrant costume. Her sailor suit, characterized by its red color to represent her affiliation with Mars and the element of fire, is detailed with the signature white trim and oversized bow, both at the front and back. The figure also features her long, raven-black hair flowing gracefully around her, adding to the dynamic feel of the piece.

One of the most compelling features of this figure is the GLITTER & GLAMOURS design, which ensures that the figure shimmers and shines from every angle. This is particularly notable in the details of her costume, where the glitter effect enhances the vibrant colors and brings the figure to life. It is this signature touch that has made the GLITTER & GLAMOURS series so coveted among collectors.

The figure stands approximately 10 inches tall, ensuring that it will make a significant impression wherever it is displayed. Sailor Mars is posed with a sense of confidence and determination, reflecting her fiery spirit and passionate nature, and her face perfectly captures her strong yet beautiful character.

SAILOR MOON MOVIE GLITTER & GLAMOURS SUPER SAILOR MARS FIG A stands out for its high-quality craftsmanship and stunning details. The precise sculpting and paintwork bring out the finer details of Sailor Mars's design, from the folds of her sailor suit to the individual strands of her hair.

As a part of the GLITTER & GLAMOURS line, this figure embodies the glamour and allure that the series is known for, making it a fantastic addition to any Sailor Moon or anime figure collection. It serves as an excellent representation of one of the most beloved characters in the Sailor Moon series, making it an ideal pick for fans of the fiery Sailor Mars.

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