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Lingerie style Fate / stay night Saber Lily 1/8 scale PVC figure (painted, pre-a


The "Lingerie Style Fate / stay night Saber Lily 1/8 Scale PVC Figure" is a delightfully unique and tastefully designed piece, offering a fresh take on the beloved character Saber Lily from the popular anime and visual novel franchise, Fate/stay night.

Standing at 1/8th the size of a real person, this figure is meticulously sculpted with a keen attention to detail, ensuring it accurately depicts Saber Lily in her new, stylish ensemble. Made with high-quality PVC, this figure showcases the character in a striking pose, giving her a sense of both charm and strength, just like the character from the series.

One of the main highlights of this figure is its distinctive lingerie-style design. Unlike the usual armored attire that Saber Lily is typically seen in, this figure portrays the character in a more intimate, delicate wardrobe. The design beautifully combines elements of elegance and modesty, capturing Saber Lily's refined and noble nature. Despite being a departure from her traditional look, this change does not take away from her distinctive personality; instead, it adds a fresh dimension to her character.

The figure's design is further elevated by the intricate details and the quality of its paint job. The delicate lace patterns on her lingerie, the flow of her hair, and the clear, expressive look in her eyes are all testament to the exceptional workmanship involved in creating this figure. Every aspect of the figure, from the pose to the fine detailing, come together to create a stunning representation of Saber Lily.

The "Lingerie Style Fate / stay night Saber Lily 1/8 Scale PVC Figure" is an enchanting figure that showcases the character in a new light. It's an item that fans of the Fate/stay night series or figure collectors will surely appreciate for its unique design and high-quality craftsmanship.

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