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Hatsune Miku LAM Rock Singer Ver. 1/7 Scale PVC ABS painted Figure 28cm


Immerse yourself in the electric world of Vocaloid with the Hatsune Miku LAM Rock Singer Ver. 1/7 Scale PVC ABS Painted Figure. This 28cm tall figure showcases the beloved digital idol Hatsune Miku in her rock singer avatar, promising to be a vibrant addition to any fan's collection.

The Hatsune Miku LAM Rock Singer figure is a 1/7 scale model crafted with high-quality PVC and ABS materials for durability and long-lasting beauty. The figure depicts Miku in an energetic performance pose, capturing her vivacious personality and passion for music.

Miku's outfit is a bold departure from her usual ensemble, embracing a rock-inspired style that reflects her versatile musical talents. She dons a fashionable studded leather jacket, a chic mini skirt, and a pair of edgy boots, all perfectly sculpted and painted with meticulous detail.

The figure showcases the iconic teal-haired diva with her signature twintails dynamically floating in mid-motion, creating a sense of liveliness and movement. Her vibrant eyes and cheerful smile perfectly capture the joy and enthusiasm that Hatsune Miku brings to every performance.

This Hatsune Miku LAM Rock Singer figure is a must-have for any Vocaloid fan. Its stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail make it a fantastic display piece, serving as a constant reminder of Miku's charm and your love for her music.

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